played by Emmett Couling Skilton


The youngest brother of the four Johnson boys, Axl is a student, studying building technology, and also the living incarnation of Odin, the big kahuna of Norse mythology.  Odin is the Allfather, the leader of the Gods, with powers associated with things like wisdom, prophecy and magic.  None of these things are at all associated with Axl Johnson, but if he can fulfil his Quest, then they sure as hell will be.

About Emmett Couling Skilton

Series one of THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS was Emmett Skilton’s first major television role.

A Toi Whakaari (New Zealand Drama School) graduate, Emmett’s professional career began in 2004 with a small role in the comedy series Seven Periods with Mr Gormsby. He also appeared in the 2009 feature film Home By Christmas and has had guest roles in televisionseries The Hothouse, The Investigator and Time Trackers.

Before production commenced on series two of THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS, Emmett appeared in the films Last Strike and Packed. He also took to the stage in two Auckland theatre productions; Paper Sky with the Red Leap Theatre, alongside THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS co-star Alison Bruce, and Frisky Productions’ Gagarin Way.

played by Tim Balme


Mike (or Mikkel as is his given name) is the eldest of the Johnson brothers.  After their father walked out on them for the last time when Mike was in his teens, he stepped up to help his mother run the family.  Then, when Mike turned 21 and became the incarnation of Ullr, God of the Hunt and God of Games, it was Mum’s turn to abandon them. So Mike had no choice but to step up again, as de facto father and mother, to see his younger brothers through to their 21sts and their Godly ascensions.  Is it any wonder Mike sees himself as the rightful leader of this clan, no matter what title the universe might bestow on his youngest brother?

About Tim Balme

In addition to his role as Mike, Tim Balme also worked as a storyliner and scriptwriter on the all three series of THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS.

Tim has a long involvement with South Pacific Pictures, both as a writer and as an actor and – for the last three years, until the end of 2012, as Head of Development.

From 2006 he worked as a storyliner and script writer on five series of Outrageous Fortune and in series six appeared in an explosive guest role. In 2010 he wrote the screenplay for Stolen, a one-off telefeature for TV3 based on the true story of a high profile baby kidnapping.

Tim previouslyworked as a writer on the police drama series Interrogation, wrote a number of his own screenplays and also penned the acclaimed one-man play The Ballad of Jimmy Costello.

As an actor, Tim made his big screen debut as the lead actor in Peter Jackson’s Braindead and went on to a number of high profile television roles including South Pacific Pictures’ Nothing Trivial, Shortland Street, Mercy Peak and Maddigan’s Quest. He has won many awards for his performances on stage and screen.

played by Dean O'Gorman


Anders is the incarnation of Bragi, the Norse God of Poetry, and also the black sheep of the Johnson clan.  He has little or no shame in using and abusing his powers of persuasion both for business, through his boutique PR company j:pr; and for pleasure, through his love of beautiful women.

Thus Anders’ power has served him alright in a business sense. He runs a small (or boutique as he prefers to think of it) PR company, where he makes a respectable, if disreputable, living off of a client base who is largely more shallow than he.

About Dean O’Gorman

Dean O’Gorman’s extensive career took off when he first appeared on television in Raider of the South Seas at the age of 10. These days, he’s best known for his big screen role as Fili the dwarf in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy.

Dean’s extensive television career includes Nights in the Garden of Spain, The Cult, Go Girls, Legend of the Seeker, McLeod’s Daughters, Young Hercules, Shortland Street and Serial Killers.

Dean also has a number of film credits to his name including Toy Love, Bonjour Timothy and Snakeskin.

His stage work includes performing in Ocean Star for the Auckland Theatre Company and in Silo Theatre Company’s productions Did I Believe It?, Ruben Guthrie and Rabbit. Dean also played the lead in Circa Theatre’s production of Blood Wedding.

played by Jared Turner


When Tyrone, or Ty for short, turned 21 he became the living incarnation of Hod, the Norse God most closely associated with all things cold and dark.  This was the worst thing that could happen to a born romantic like Ty, and he has lived every day of his life since hoping and trying not to be a God any more.

About Jared Turner

Despite some impressive film & television credits, series one of THE ALMIGHTY JOHNSONS was Jared Turner’s first lead television role.

His film credits include Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, 30 Days of Night and Fracture. He has also appeared on the television series All Saints, Go Girls, Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, Outrageous Fortune, and Spartacus: War of the Damned.

Jared has performed a range of roles in the theatre including a part in Red Leap Theatre’s highly acclaimed The Arrival, playing to audiences in Sydney, Hong Kong, Auckland, and Wellington. He has also performed lead roles in Stepping into Shadows, The Rules of the Game, The Castle, and a Canadian tour of Theatre of Images’ Jake & Pete.

played by Ben Barrington


Olaf is the Grandfather of the Johnson boys, father to their father.  But as the human incarnation of Baldr, the Norse God of rebirth, Olaf starts afresh every new day.  Theoretically then, even though Olaf in now in his 90’s, he should still look 21, but his lifestyle of surfing, drugs and alcohol means that he just gets old really really really slowly.

About Ben Barrington

After winning the award for Most Promising Newcomer at the Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards in 2002, Ben has gone on to star in a variety of film, television and theatre works.

Ben Barrington’s television credits includes seasons two and three of Outrageous Fortune, The Insider’s Guide to Love, The Strip, Mataku and The Insider’s Guide to Happiness.

He appeared in the Gibson Group telefeature, Eruption which aired on TV3 in 2010. He has starred in some impressive feature films, with roles in two of Peter Jackson’s famed Lord of the Rings movies and in 2004’s The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Most recently Ben appeared in Jane Campion’s miniseries Top of The Lake.

Since graduating from drama school, Ben has also worked with the Maidment Theatre and Circa Theatre in shows The Return, Gunsmoke and East.


played by Stuart Devenie

Johan (Joe)

Johan Johnson, commonly known as Joe; somewhere in the vicinity of 60; father of the Johnson boys; son of Olaf; also Njord, the Norse God of the Sea.

Being a God of the Sea, stuck on a farm in Central Hawkes Bay, was never a good fit for Joe Johnson. Just like being stuck in any form of relationship was also never a good fit. Thus Joe’s track record as husband, father and, indeed, farmer was never a good one. The times when he wasn’t on the farm, and no-one knew where he was, became more frequent and longer in duration the more children he fathered. Eventually, when his youngest boy, Axl, was about 6 or 7 Joe left and never ever came back. Until now.

When he’s not abandoning his family Joe sails the high seas, as befits him as a God. He’s not fussy about what he does, as long as it gets him out on the water. Over the years he’s crewed and mastered on many different sorts of vessels – from huge cargo ships to pleasure boats cruising round the Mediterranean to oil rigs, Joe has done them all. And he’s been a popular crew-member everywhere he’s been because Joe’s Norse God-given power is the ability to calm the waters around him. This works on both a literal level, in that there is always smooth sailing when Joe is aboard, and on a human level, in that arguments and fights just fade away when Joes gets involved – it is impossible to stay angry with anyone (especially Joe) when he dials in that charm.

Joe Johnson is a terrible father. He’s selfish and hedonistic, as well as nomadic with more than a touch of narcissism thrown in for good measure. He is a rogue and a vagabond; a conman and a user; a rat with a wayward moral compass that lets him think he can do what he pleases when and where it pleases him and to hell with the consequences after he walks out the door. Yes, he’s a prick – but with a twinkle in his eye that never fails to win the day.

About Stuart Devenie

Stuart Devenie is one of New Zealand’s most accomplished actors with a theatrical career spanning over three decades. He has directed and acted for every major theatre company in the country and is also an experienced male voice artist.